Teaching Drawing and Painting in Idaho

Illustrations and Impressionist Painting by Kevin McCain

Boise Studio Art Classes


Outdoor Painting Classes

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Plein Air Painting Outdoors

Painting Workshops

I love to draw and  paint. I have a deep passion for painting. Some of my favorite places to paint are here in Idaho. What I enjoy even more is teaching others to enjoy and create art. I believe the drive to create is something everyone shares. I teach drawing and painting workshops at some of Idaho’s most beautiful and unique areas. Whether we visit the intense, rugged beauty of the High Desert or the majestic mountains of the high country, you will learn the approaches of oil painting while surrounded by the gorgeous country found only in Idaho.

You will learn to paint your impressions of the landscape like the old masters. To capture light and color and make your paintings really come alive. Come and study painting in the oldest tradition and get back into the landscape. Come and be inspired by Idaho.

To view my paintings you can visit KevinMcCainArt.com

Studio Art classes

I also offer art classes in my Boise, Idaho studio. My curriculum is based on classic and traditional methods. Through careful observation when drawing or painting from life you will vastly improve you ability to create convincing artwork. We study value, detail, techniques and composition along with the fundamentals of creating depth. These concepts will take your artwork to the next level. Draw and paint still life, people, and landscapes.  To learn more click here

Landscape Painting of Alturas LakeTo view more of my paintings you can visit KevinMcCainArt.com

 What is Boise Painting Workshops About?

   I’m Kevin McCain, a professional artist living in the Boise, Idaho area. My career in art is due in large part to my high school art teacher. It’s because of my positive, early experiences that I believe art education is so important. I love to share with others what I’ve learned about art. I’ve created classes and workshops to teach people to draw and paint outdoor landscapes. This is the kind of painting I enjoy so much.

Idaho Art Classes is all about teaching people how to create art. As well as how to draw and paint the landscape in the outdoors, a style of painting also referred to as Plein Air . Through my Painting Outdoor Workshops and drawing classes, students will learn the techniques of drawing and painting the landscape.

My Outdoor Painting Workshops are held in locations all around the state of Idaho. These workshops are designed to teach you how to paint more quickly and accurately from the landscape.

I also teach drawing classes held in my studio in Boise, Idaho for those who want to learn the approaches and techniques of drawing. Drawing is fundamentally important for anyone who wants to create art. To learn to draw with confidence and ease. These classes are open to students aged 14 and up. To learn more about these drawing classes visit my Drawing Classes page for any other questions contact Kevin McCain.