Outdoor Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting Classes

Landscape Painting of Aspen trees by Art Instructor Kevin McCain

Painting the Landscape Outdoors

Landscape painting classes are taught in the Spring, Summer, and Fall when the conditions are right to be outside in the landscape. A method of painting sometimes referred to as Plein Air Painting. Explore many of Boise’s beautiful parks and places along the green belt as we paint the landscape outdoors.

Though artists have been painting outdoors since the Renaissance and before that. With classical painting outdoor landscape painting teaches the foundations of color and creating the nuances of depth.  Nothing teaches an artist more about color and light than to escape into the outdoors and paint the landscape in plein air.

Artist and Instructor Kevin McCain has been Plein Air painting for over 15 years of his 22 art career. Come and learn to paint the landscape in the Great Outdoors. His landscape painting classes teach the fundamentals of color, color mixing, painting technique, approach, creating the illusion of depth, and exploring composition ideas.

The fundamentals of landscape painting are taught in my advanced oil painting classes. These are a good way to prepare for the difficulty of plein air painting. Click here to learn more

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Fall Landscape Painting Workshop Oct. 2017