Jan. Mon. Rendering in Pencil

Starting January 8, 2024 4 weeks

Class Dates: Jan. 8th – 29th, 10am – 12:30pm

pencil drawing of a leaf by the artist Kevin McCain

Learn to Use and Render with Values

This class focuses on using values to render objects. If you have completed my Beg. Drawing series this class is for you. Students will have to draw objects using proportional measuring, construction and perspective. Then add shading and depth using a knowledge of shadow and shape. The class is a 2 part series, the first focuses on expanding on light and form on simple objects but observing the changes in the planes and corresponding values. The second part of the class we will create a simple still life using these skills. Join me and expand your knowledge of rendering forms and textures!

If you haven’t had my classes contact me info@idahoartclasses.com


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