Oct. Mon. Guided Drawing Class

Starting October 9, 2023 4 weeks

Monday Oct. 9th- Oct. 30th 10am – 12:30pm

Charcoal drawing of still life with bottle

Join Me To Create the Drawing Above

Learn the Strategy for Creating Drawings

In this class we will go through all the steps to create the pictured still life drawing. From the layout to measuring proportions and angles to mirroring to create a faithful representation of the image with line. Then we will identify and map the form shadows. Then go through the process of creating the drawing in graphite using shading and tone to create the illusion of depth. I will help guide you through the process. This class is to help the help the student see all the stages of breaking down a drawing to help them understand better the process so they can create their own drawings more easily and learn to develop a step by step plan to for any drawing they create . This will increase the speed and the quality of your drawing.

It is recommended you to have completed my beginning drawing series to take this class or have similar experience. Please contact me with any questions info@idahoartclasses.com

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