October Plein Air Painting in Boise

Starting October 27, 2023 3 days
painting of boise river in fall at sunset

Boise River in Fall, Boise, Idaho

October 2023 27th – 29th

Boise is known for its beauty, fantastic restaurants, and friendly atmosphere. The best part of Boise is the river that winds it’s way through this city of trees. When you’re next to the river, the tall trees and roar of the flowing water make you feel you’re secluded in the mountains, rather than a short stroll from the active downtown area. In Fall the leaves turn colors of yellow, gold, and deep amber. It is truly breathtaking. Come and paint with me this Fall on the Boise River and enjoy all the city has to offer.

This 3 day workshop we will explore the fundamentals of Plein Air painting. Lectures and demonstrations will all take place outside and in the landscape. That is the best venue to discuss painting. Surrounded by what we will be painting. Using a limited palette and simplification of the landscape in both color and shape to create a convincing painting of the scene. Learn to see in shape and value instead of line and detail. Learn to use value and color to depict three dimensional space or depth. We will explore using larger brushes and economy of brushstrokes to work more quickly and accurately.

*Students are responsible for any park fees*

Student’s level of experience: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

Class limited to 8 students

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