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May Drawing Portraits for Painting Part 2


May Drawing Portraits for Painting Part 2 When: May 9th – 30th, Tuesday Afternoons 1:30 pm – 4:00pm. The focus of the class is to learn to map the face quickly for painting or sketching. Students bring their own art supplies for class

Class Is Full

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May 9th – 30th, Tuesday 1:30 pm – 4:00pm 

Portrait drawing of a young woman in profile by artist Kevin McCain

Learn To Simplify A Portrait Drawing
For Sketching and Painting

I enjoy the challenge of drawing portraits. When sketching or painting a portrait you need to simplify to everything down the essentials. I will teach you the skills to take your skills to the next level. Join now and start your portrait drawing adventure Today.

*This class requires the student to understand the basics of portrait drawing. Students should have taken the Fundamentals of Drawing the Portrait classes. If you have taken my class but have experience with portrait drawing. Contact me for more information

What You will Learn in This Class

The focus of the class is to learn to map features and shadows of the face for painting or sketching. We will use different views and face types as learn we learn record the most basic information. In the Part 1 class we will work in charcoal using analytical tracing to inform our drawing in charcoal. As we continue with the Part 2 class. Students will have their choice of working in either india ink or oil paint as they hone their portrait drawing skills.

Students can continue taking this course in a mentorship or guided studio class working on you own individual portrait related projects. Contact me for more information