July Thurs. Morning Beg. and Inter. Drawing


When: July 13th – Aug. 3rd on Thurs. 10:00 am – 12:30pm.
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July 13th – Aug. 3rd on Thurs. 10:00 am – 12:30pm.

Charcoal drawing of a paper bag on a table. By the artist Kevin McCain
Start Learning To Draw Today

Drawing is my favorite thing to do. If you would like to see if it is one of your favorite things to do or you know it’s your favorite thing to do join me for a class! You will learn to draw quickly and efficiently using time honored classical techniques and approaches. This class will help you to achieve your drawing goals. Let me tell you more.

A Little about the Drawing Classes

The Drawing courses are broken down into Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced drawing. Those who haven’t taken classes before will begin with the Beginning drawing 1 class. We will learn the concepts that create the building blocks for great drawing. Each class holds a new challenge and technique that will improve your drawing. Each class builds on the previous class to continue your artistic growth. Start Today!

If you have previous drawing experience and what to know where to begin contact me at info@idahoartclasses.com

What Makes This class Different?

These classes are skills building classes. In this class we will only draw from real life objects, not photographs. Drawing is all about Shape; we will learn the foundational 2D and 3D shapes used to create all drawings. Shading is how to give an object depth; we will learn to use the value scale to choose the correct values to use in our drawings. Learning to See accurately is fundamental to good drawing and you will be taught approaches to record an object’s proportion, so you can draw it accurately with confidence. Perspective is The Key to Drawing; it’s what allows us to see depth. We will learn the concepts of perspective to help draw objects with greater depth. Together these concepts will take your drawing to places you can’t imagine! Join me today for a drawing adventure.