Teaching the Traditions of

Drawing and Painting in Idaho

Various pencil drawings and oil paintings by the artist Kevin McCain

Learn the Secrets of Classical

Drawing and Painting

Teaching techniques and approaches handed down through the generations.

Photograph of painting workshops students studying plein air painting with artist Kevin McCain

Teaching Both In-Studio, In-person Classes, and Online Classes. Read More Below.

In-Studio Classes

Study with me at my studio in Boise, Idaho 

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Learn the approaches and Techniques to
Take Your Drawing to the Next Level!

For Those Needing More Flexibility

I am now offering.

New Online Art Classes

Learn to Draw and Paint at Home and at
Your Own Pace! See Offered Classes

What Are People Saying About The Classes

” I learned more in two weeks than I learned all semester in my college drawing classes!”
D. Southwick

I wanted to leave my “business side” and explore my “creative side,” or just find out if I had one. Idaho Art Classes has given me the courage to do so, with patience and humor. The classes offer knowledge, skill, and experience, encouraging beginners while supporting those with greater skills. J. Adam

“I found that improving my drawing skills helps greatly in my paintings. The ability to capture proportions, render shading correctly, and show perspective properly are all great assets in painting. I highly recommend anyone embarking on or already involved in painting to take these drawing classes.” M. Marriott.

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How are these Classes Different?

It’s Not About How “Talented” You Are!!

Anyone can learn to draw and paint! The methods and approaches developed in the Italian Renaissance were refined to teach anyone to master the ability to draw and paint. We study value, rendering, techniques, perspective, and composition along with the fundamentals of creating depth. These concepts will take your artwork to the next level. Draw and paint still life, people, and landscapes.

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To view more of my paintings you can visit KevinMcCainArt.com

Idaho Art Classes Philosophy?

Anyone can make amazing art!! Idaho Art Classes is all about teaching people how to create art. Either indoors or in the studio through drawing still lifes and people, as well as how to draw and paint the landscape in the outdoors, a style of painting also referred to as Plein Air.  Whether indoors or out join me and bring art into your life!

Learn From a Professional Artist

I’m Kevin McCain, a professional artist living in the Boise, Idaho area. I have worked full time for over 20 years creating book covers and painting for fine art galleries. My career in art is due to my art education in classical methods and approaches. Which is so important! I love to share with others what I’ve learned about art. I’ve created classes and workshops to teach people to draw and paint. Come and join me in a drawing or painting adventure!

Plein Air Painting Outdoors

Outdoor Painting Workshops

Learn the secrets of color and light through outdoor painting. There is no better way to learn color than painting outside. Join me for some wonderful painting expeditions to some of the most extraordinary places in Idaho and Arizona. Come and experience the thrill of painting outdoors!