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painting of aspen trees. In a clearing in fall in the late afternoon

Learn the Secrets of Painting

Photograph of painting workshops students studying plein air painting with artist Kevin McCain
Anyone Can Learn To Paint

Our Main Philosophy

Many people have an idea that you have to be talented to paint well. That's not the case it's a combination of good instruction, learning correct techniques, and practice. I have seen it work time and time again. With amazing results!

The Painting Curriculum

Learning In The Classical Tradition

My classes area a part of a series of courses based classical training methods. The classes start with the basic foundation skills and as the student progresses the courses continue to build on those foundation skills through the Beginning Painting, Intermediate Painting and the Advanced Painting Classes.

Beginning and Intermediate Painting Series


Starting a Creative Journey

The courses start with Beg Painting and Intermediate Painting. You will learn the foundation skills for painting accurately using value identification, blending techniques, value and color. The core skills sets that will help you improve quickly and efficiently.

Watercolor and Oil Painting Classes Listed

Classes Are Flexible

*Important Note About The Morning and Evening Classes *Beginning Painting Classes Often Have Students That Are In Intermediate or Advanced Painting. Contact Me To Arrange To Be In The Time Slot Available As A Intermediate Or Advanced Student.*

Advanced Painting Classes

Watercolor Painting of Fairy Princess
Guided Study

Create Your Own Masterful Paintings

Advanced course are for anyone wanting to create finished paintings. In these classes the student decides what to paint and what style to use. Along with the instructors guidance you will create wonderful finished paintings. These classes are great for those creating portfolio pieces, paintings for competitions, for you own home or to give to others. This is where you refine and master your painting skills.

Specialized Classes

 The Road To Mastering Painting

art school

Classes To Hone Your Skills

Specialty Classes are to help refine your skills. These classes will help you improve your skills by giving you the techniques and approaches needed to hone your skills. A variety of classes are held during the year. Find the classes that you need to enhance your skills.

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