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Online Learning

I am offering online classes for those who need more flexibility and for those who like to learn at their own pace. These courses are designed to teach you powerful drawing and painting skills!

Drawing Classes – Through Teachable I am offering my Fundamental Drawing Techniques class. To learn more Click here

Workshops and Mini Classes – Through Teachable I offering 1 to 5-hour drawing and painting projects. To learn more Click here

Learn to Draw and Paint At Your Own Pace

I am starting to upload online painting and drawing classes on Gumroad. These project-oriented classes incorporate the basic concepts of drawing and painting techniques. Hone your skills by listening and watching me execute a drawing or painting using foundation skills.

Foundation Classes

These classes are designed to teach you the foundations of Drawing. They are part of a curriculum that will cover the concepts needed to have a good understanding of basic and intermediate drawing and painting skills. Classes are continuing to be added. So check to see what’s new!

Workshops For Those With Some Experience

These are to help you as an artist to use skills and ideas you are already familiar with and have learned. The courses are real-time videos showing me creating drawing or painting using the concepts taught in drawing and painting foundation courses.  These have been created to help you “hone your skills.” this will help you level up as an artist.


For those needing mentoring or feedback on their paintings or drawings, I am offering mentoring courses. To learn more click here