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New Online Drawing Class

“Online Class “The Power of Line” Learn the Secrets of Great Drawing!! My newest online drawing class for those who need to study at their own pace cover the foundation of drawing basic 2d and 3d shapes that then used with sighting, measuring, mirroring, and construction techniques are then used to create contour drawings of still life arrangements.   

Biggest Tip that Will Improve Your Drawing!

Biggest Tip that Will Improve Your Drawing!

Horizontal and Vertical Relationships  When we start to draw many times we are so focused on the object’s smaller pieces and details and we miss the larger picture. Then our drawing pays the price. Whenever you draw or even paint at least half of the drawing or painting is double, and triple-checking the basic relationships of objects. One of the greatest tools in the artist’s arsenal is the use of “Horizontal and Vertical” relationships! This is a portrait that I drew and I…

One or Two Point Perspective Some Insights

Art Tip   Seeing the Perspective In a Scene Is it One Point orTwo Point Perspective? Last month we discussed how to find the horizon line in a scene. Being aware of the horizon line is the first part of understanding how to draw and paint a scene. Okay but then what!? The next part is to be able to identify if the scene is in One Point Perspective or Two Point Perspective. It is essential to understand that as parallel lines move away from us…