April Basics of Portrait Drawing Part 1


Class Date: April 11th – May 2nd, Thursday 6:30pm – 9pm.

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April 11th – May 2nd, Thurs. 6:30pm – 9pm.

Drawing of an old man in charcoal.

Join Me To Learn How to Draw People!

Drawing people is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy capturing their expressions as I draw their portraits. It’s just a lot of fun! It is a challenge to draw people if you haven’t drawn them before and still challenging if you have drawn them. In this 3 part series we cover the tips and techniques to unlock your drawing potential and give you the confidence to draw people. It’s a wonderful skill to develop so join me today for an adventure drawing people.

What Will We Learn?

This is a course is a 3 part series. In Part 1 of this class we study the approaches for drawing the head accurately from the Front, Side and 3/4 views using Loomis and Reilly systems. Using these systems will help you lay the ground work to place the features. In the Part 2 class we study how to draw the features of the face in different views. In Part 3 of the class we practice drawing the head in profile view, front view and 3/4 view. This class will give you the skills to draw people quickly and accurately.

Students can continue taking this course in a mentorship or guided studio class working on you own individual portrait related projects. Contact me for more information info@idahoartclasses.com