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Offering Online Mentoring

The Critique Service Giving

You The Feedback You Need

When you need to push your artwork to the next level, your need the keys to improving your images. The insights into what needs to be improved and what has been done well. A great critique gives you what you need to strengthen your art. It all comes down to a good “critique.”

What is a Critique?

There is a problem every artist has, the problem is it’s very easy to see something wrong in some else’s artwork but much harder to know what’s wrong with your own. Critique is the method for identifying what is working in your image and what needs to be improved
or changed. It’s evaluating the artwork with the purpose of making it better. Being critiqued by professional artists helps you to develop the ability to critique your own work. It’s a skill every artist needs to develop, but even when you have developed that skill, you sometimes need a fresh eye or another artist’s opinion. That’s what this service provides. A fresh insight into what your artwork needs.

How does it Work

The fee for my critique service is 70.00 dollars. This is a onetime service. This is how it works. Upon payment, you have maximum of 45 days to contact me and arrange a time to send me the images you want critiqued. To help me to give you the best critique you will need to provide me with information on what you wanted to accomplish with your image. Let me know what type of feedback or particular part of the image you want feedback on. If you were trying to create something in a particular style or movement, let me know what that is. If you wanted to emulate a particular artist send me a couple samples of their work so I can use it in my evaluation. This will help me give the tools to give you the best possible critique.

You can send me up to 4 images via email. The resolution of the image or images should not exceed 1500 pixels on any one side. Within 3 to 5 business days I will send you a response with constructive suggestions via email. The email will consist of up to 800 words in length giving you insights about how to improve your image or images.

Who Is This For

This service is geared for intermediate to advanced artists who understand the basic ideas of drawing. This is great for people developing portfolios for college and high school art programs. Artists looking to approach art galleries or producing artwork for regional or national shows. Avid students who want to improve their artwork. To learn more contact me at 

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